Expanding Public Infrastructure Financing Options

US state and local governments have many strengths. But they also face many difficult challenges in a ‘new normal’ world characterized by revenue volatility, uncertain economic growth and unpredictable liabilities. These challenges hit infrastructure investment especially hard.

Non-traditional financing options can help the public sector cope with the specific problems of long-term infrastructure investment in an environment of short-term constraints. But the current set of non-traditional financing options is limited to transaction forms that often do too little and those that do too much.

What’s needed to fill this gap is the kind of practical innovation that uses the best features of existing options to develop new transaction forms that efficiently, cost-effectively and transparently mitigate fiscal and budgetary constraints (click to enlarge):

InRecap’s mission is to develop and implement innovative financing options for US state and local public-sector infrastructure assets with a specific objective of mitigating fiscal and budgetary constraints.